Vision, Mission & Objectives


To be the leading court for the resolution of civil and commercial disputes in the AIFC and the Eurasia region.


The AIFC Court seeks to establish and develop a fully independent common law judicial system for the expeditious resolution of civil and commercial disputes characterized by reliability, fairness and accessibility, unconditional application of the rule of law, and flexibility that is responsive to the needs of global business markets.


  1. To maintain the independence of the judges of the AIFC Court and uphold the trust and confidence of the international business and legal communities that justice will be administered at the AIFC Court free from external pressures and fully empowering the implementation of the rule of law.
  2. To empower regional commerce by increasing confidence in the administration and accessibility of justice throughout the Astana International Financial Centre, Kazakhstan, the Eurasia region, and globally.
  3. To be an innovative and technologically advanced commercial court and continually aim to improve working processes and standards.
  4. To collaborate with and establish working relationships with other courts in Kazakhstan, the Eurasia region, and other jurisdictions, particularly those with close trading links to Kazakhstan.
  5. To support the delivery of high quality legal education and training to meet the needs of lawyers and judges in Kazakhstan and the Eurasia region.
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